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My SAT reading and writing scores


My math score


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Talking it up with Clarissa

Talking it up with Clarissa


Found two great schools; Boston is looking a favourable location.


College of the Week!

Name: Soka University of America

State: California

Where: Aliso Viejo

Type: Private four-years liberal arts college

Initial Cost: $41,000

Median SAT Score: 1790 / 2400

Student : Faculty Ratio: 9:1

Average Class Size: 13

 Soka is a private run college, which means increased costs; $41,000 is a lot however 10% of their students are there on a full ride scholarship. That’s all their fees paid for, every last penny. As you may, or not, know, America typically views itself as a better off country than the UK, so the threshold set for your family to earn before they contribute to your education is set relatively high- around £37,000.

There are many different scholarships available at Soka, and I’m going to be applying for every single one that I’m eligible for; to be favour, I should be eligible for both financial aid and merit based scholarships (as lost as I get at least ABB in my A-Levels), as I try to minimise my cost of college as much as possible.

Here’s an interesting fact: in 2012, Soka was ranked #1 in Most International Students (%) out of the entire USA. Impressive.

Something that attracts me to Soka is that all undergraduate students must study a non-native language. The languages offered are Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. The language must be studied for 2 years and all undergraduate students at Soka University of America study abroad for one semester in a country whose language they are studying during their first year.

It’s a typical American school; there are plenty of extra curriculars to sign up to, and a shed load of sports teams to get your teeth into. I get the impression that there’s a great community spirit at Soka and I will definitely consider it was one of my colleges I apply to this Fall.



I don’t know why I’m so excited for a 325 minute exam.


My next ‘College of the Week’ feature tomorrow :-)

Won’t say which school but it’s in The Orange County!


SAT: Writing

I’ve been revising for the Writing section of the SAT and even though it’s designed to test material learnt in high school, I’m still learning new techniques.

There’s a little phrase I’m going to write before every essay I attempt – in which there are many in AS Literature!

‘When people finish my essay, I want them to understand that…’

It’s a great little sentence that will just set the scene of what I want to write, and I believe it will really benefit me in my education, and when I sit the SAT; the essay on the SAT has a 25 minute time limit, so it’s only a first draft but it’s marked as a first draft, also. It’s a massive section of the entire exam so I have no choice but to do well on it. By ‘do well’, I mean score at least 650, preferably 700.

My revision guide suggests to be less reliant on the verb ‘to be’, and any of it’s forms.

Be, am, are, is, was, were, being, been.

This verb is too common, and is not a reliable indicator of what I wish to put across to my audience.

And finally, my favourite little tip I learnt; the use of abstract and concrete language. It’s something I was oblivious to beforehand, but now I will implement in all forms of my writing.

How would you illustrate success? For me, success is achieving a grade ‘A’ in Psychology; success is being accepted into one of America’s most prestigious schools.

‘Success’ is an abstract term; it’s a subjective term, as it means different thing to different people and the ability to demonstrate this term, to use concrete language is such a simple but effective technique that will just give that little bit of clarity my writing requires.

Hope you enjoyed my lecture of English!

Cheers x


College of the Week

Today is the start of a weekly feature I plan to do! It gives me a reason to look at a different college every week, and hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it!

Okay, so this week is going to feature SUNY Plattsburgh.

‘State University of New York’

Plattsburgh is a small city in New York, and is a branch campus (two separate campuses). It’s a four-year public liberal arts college which means cheaper fees. Happy days.


Their undergraduate enrolment for 2012-2013 was 5,822. Their overall international enrolment totalled 345, representing 63 countries; their 2010 acceptance rate was 48% so it’s a fairly selective school.

To get into Plattsburgh I need a combined SAT Critical Reading and Math score of 1000 out of 1600.

Plattsburgh is located 5 hours north of NYC and an hour away from Quebec. This puts me off  little as if I study in New York state, I’d ideally like to be located near the City.

However, the Associate Director for International Admissions e-mailed me, and seemed very keen and friendly. I like that; it’s warming to feel like you’re really valued!

With merit based scholarships, it would cost me $21,000 dollars to attend per academic year. Need-based financial aid is available, so although it seems a huge number, it’s not!

Will I apply to SUNY? Probably not; the location is off putting and I can certainly find many other colleges that will charge me less than half the amount to attend here.

Taken from the SUNY Plattsburgh site:

When you successfully complete your degree here, you will have accomplished many goals and grow in all aspects of your life: intellectually, socially, philosophically, and more.


All the formalities…

Introductions are due…

Thanks for hitting this up and taking time to read this, I appreciate that.

My name is Dave Brazier; I’m 17 and currently studying my AS Levels in Psychology, English Literature, Geography, PE and Statistics. Yes, I do 5.

University has always been an absolute certain in my life, but last September I explored an avenue I never previously thought possible.

The good ol’ US of A.

I’ve always wanted to visit America, and in particular New York. My ideologies of NYC appealed to me more than anything else, and I was always asking my Dad to take me.

I done my research, and along with a close friend of mine, decided to persue to path seriously and really do everything we can to make it a reality. Our first major step was to attend a seminar last December and this really made explicit the steps we have to take in order for this to happen.

I made this blog because I feel like I need a place to just rant about the bad stuff and let out all the good stuff that this gruelling task will present.

It’s probably the most time consuming, expensive and damn difficult path I’ve ever taken.
But that won’t stop me.
Nothing will.

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